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Are you using Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations? We provide very robust integration into and out of D365.

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EDI Setup - Play by Play
Our D365 integration can easily connect with your D365 provision. We can work with your test, UAT and QA environments during the project set up and switch to production when ready. We support many APIs (like Amazon SP-API, Shopify, etc), EDI, EDIFACT, exchanges like Ariba and Coupa, and even 3rd party managed maps like with SPS Commerce or True Commerce. Full automation is available with our integration so you don't have to babysit your EDI documents in and out.

• You will create an application ID for us in your Azure Active Directory
• You will then authorize that application ID for us in your D365 with the appropriate permissions
• We'll provision you in our cloud for EDI service and from there you can provide a environment URL, tenant ID, the application client ID and secret you created in AAD and your company data area and we will connect our cloud to your D365 provision
• We will work with your team to bring in test documents and generate test documents for your trading partner - we handle the certification
• Once you and your trading partners are satisfied, you can move to production
• It's that easy
• We use standard out of the box OData endpoints as much as possible with D365FO. Some have to be enabled in D365 (your implementor knows how) like the Packing Slip Journal and some others. This is subject to change as Microsoft continues to improve and expand the mix of out of the box OData services.

Robust Interface to Your D365
BSI EDI is an automated solution - it’s designed with you in mind - the medium/large enterprise that might or might not have a person dedicated to managing supply chain relationships. What does this mean for the users? BSI EDI can be configured to automatically exchange day-to-day transactions: inbound, outbound, etc. and simply “notify” when those processes are completed. Exceptions are the only thing that must be dealt with -- items not cross-referenced, unrecognized shipto’s, etc. Take a look below to see some more about how our EDI solution works with your system.

•Seamlessly Integrate Inbound Orders without Intervention (PunchOut, 850, 860, 875, 830, etc.)
•Automatically Generate Outbound Transactions (810, 856, ...)
•Internal Users Get Notifications when Transactions Come In or go Out
•Transaction Exceptions are Reported and Easily Corrected
•Generate or Accept Other Non-Standard Transactions (new store info, etc)