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Is your SAP Business One EDI solution SAP SE-approved? Ours is.

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Are you using SAP Business One v10 HANA or SQL? We provide very robust integration into and out of SAPB1.

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EDI Setup - Play by Play
Our SAP Business One v10 integration is designed specifically for SAP Business One v10 on HANA or SQL. We also support v9 - you can read more about it here. We use the Service Layer for seamless, fast and stable connectivity. No customizations are needed but we support custom fields so that you can have EDI data mapped into fields you have created. We support many APIs (like Amazon SP-API, Shopify, etc), EDI, EDIFACT, exchanges like Ariba and Coupa, and even 3rd party managed maps like with SPS Commerce or True Commerce. Full automation is available with our integration so you don't have to babysit your EDI documents in and out.

• We install a receiver application on your network (on-premise, Azure, AWS, other cloud, etc) that connects the EDI document flow to SAP Business One
• We will work with your team to bring in test documents and generate test documents for your trading partner - we handle the certification
• Once you and your trading partners are satisfied, you can move to production
• It's that easy
Robust Interface to Your SAP Business One System
•Uses SAP-Approved Service Layer
•Seamlessly Integrate Inbound Transactions as Quotes or Orders without Intervention (PunchOut, 850, 860, 875, 830, etc.)
•Automatically Generate Outbound Transactions (810, 856, ...)
•Internal Users Get Notifications when Transactions Come In or go Out
•Integrate Planning Schedules from Customers (830, 862, ...)
•Transaction Exceptions are Reported and Easily Corrected
•Generate Supplier-Side Transactions (Outbound PunchOut, forecast, 850, 860, ...)
•Generate or Accept Other Non-Standard Transactions (new store info, etc)