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Blockchain has been such a confusing term for so long now - many equate it with cryptocurrency and other fringe technologies. But, Blockchain-Driven EDI is the advancement the EDI world has been waiting for. The old days of EDI used dial-up connections fraught with connection issues, resends, missing acknowledgement, lost transactions and constant headaches. Those old days have hung on for so long - it's not dial-up anymore but VAN-related connections don't offer the ability to get a transmission receipt. AS2 communications does offer a transmission receipt - confirming that the other end received your transaction. But, neither deliver the ability to confirm that the other party received the transaction AND the ability to "rewind" the transaction flow. This is where blockchain makes its debut in the area of connectivity, offering a ledger-backbone so that EDI transmissions are easily confirmed without guessing and hoping and reacknowledging transactions over and over.

What does it look like?

  • * We can setup a private blockchain Hyperledger with our patent-pending technology for you and a single trading partner or even your entire trading community
  • * We can setup a hybrid blockchain Hyperledger, joining AS2, VAN and blockchain-driven EDI so that you can gradually transition as your community does.
  • * We can setup a public blochchain for trading your transactions as desired.

What can you exchange with it?

  • * Raw EDI, Edifact, Tradacoms, XML or other formats
  • * Business documents - mapped, interpreted and put into a format you want
  • * Not just orders, invoices, ASNs and traditional EDI documents -- think assays, food and bev processing data, farm sourcing information

For a private blockchain, you set the rules and we implement them to your objectives -- if you want to require an assay or food safety data before an ASN will be accepted, that can be implemented. Many scenarios can be implemented.

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